Our Patriot LED ROADWAY luminaire provides uncompromising optical performance and outstanding versatility for a wide variety of area and roadway applications. Our customer focused features include single latch tool-less entry, industry leading surge protection options and superior lumen maintenance and performance, all in an economical design. It is ideal for illuminating walkways, parking lots and roadways.

Our LED ROADWAY are backed with our industry-leading more than 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 10-year warranty. See Ordering Model table below for our BAA compliant products. Contact us for pricing or more information.

  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium housing and removable door 3G vibration rated to ensure strength of construction and longevity in application.
  • Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants.
  • Available in IES Type II, III, IV, distributions.
  • Optics is precisely designed to shape the distribution.
  • Maximizing efficiency and application spacing.
  • Standard drivers feature electronic.
  • Standard 0-10V dimming and 10kV/10kA common- and differential- mode.
  • Surge protection available.
  • Greater than 0.9 power factor, less than 20% harmonic distortion.
  • Operation in -40°C to 45°C ambient environments.
  • LED drivers mount to die-cast aluminium back housing for optimal heat sinking.
  • Operation efficacy, and prolonged life.
  • Rated Life: 100,000 hrs.
  • Limited Warranty: 5 year (10 year optional).
  • Input Voltage:120-277V, 347-480V.
  • Power: 45W, 70W, 100W, 110W, 150W.
  • Lumens: 6250 to 20000lm.
  • Color temperature: 4000K, 5000K.
  • Color Rendering Index: 70.
  • Power Factor: >0.9.
  • Operation Temperature:-40°C to 45°C.


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    Patriot Troffer Lay-In Series

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    Patriot Hybrid Model

    led tube ballast series

    Patriot Troffer Door Kit Series

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