LED Grow Light – Multiple Linear Series

LED Grow Light – Multiple Linear Series

This series product integrated heat sink and driver, extrusion pure aluminum can 100% ensure heat dissipation. Marijuana will grow better under the Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, as well their yield will increase hugely. We recommend that Hydroponic growing systems can be simple affairs such as Wick or NFT or more complex indoor growing concepts like Sea of Green or Screen of Green or large grow systems, so our full spectrum LED lights is a smart choice for your plants.

• High power branded Epileds with high Par Value
• Including Special spectrum like IR (Infrared) to increase the yield.
• Passive heat sink and integrated driver
• Energy Saving, environmental friendly
• Full spectrum for different period of growth
• Step dimming for different period of growth
• On/off devices to make control much easier
• Adjustable power consumption and lumination area
• Much more convenient repair and replacement in the future

• Hydroponics, Horticulture, Agriculture and Greenhouse
• Locations: Farm, Exhibition, Garden, Home, Urban, Bonsai, and University Lab
• Growth of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Marijuana and so on
• Seeding, Rooting, Breeding, Flowering and Fruiting period

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