LED Grow Light – HID Series

LED Grow Light – HID Series

The double cages structural design change the heat dissipation mode of the traditional LED grow light, divide the inside of the lamp to tow parts, and form two heat-dissipation cages, cut off the internal thermal cycle effectively and reach the best cooling performance. Use the unique air-out design and open air exhaust in the two sides of the lamp, remove the high temperature air rapidly, ensure the light body operation in a low-temperature environment.

• Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast: Support 120V/240V Input; Dimmable Options: 50%, 75%, 100%;
• Stable power to the lamp for flicker free, ultra-bright, high intensity and quality spectrum
• Super HPS Bulb; Color Temperature: 2100K; Optimized spectrum and high PAR (Photosynthetic
• Active Radiation) to promote healthy plant growth and soonest flourish
• Wing Reflector; highly 95% reflective textured German aluminum maximizes the light reflected to the plants
• Use advanced isolation power supply and soft start protection technology, to prevent the high voltage when turn on the light from damaging the lamp body.
• Parts easily replaceable, Complete set, easy to set-up and use.
• Multiple Protections OVP, UVP, OTP, SCP, OCP
• 5-10 Year Warranty.

• Hydroponics, Horticulture, Agriculture and Greenhouse
• Seeding, Rooting, Breeding, Flowering and Fruiting period
• Locations: Farm, Exhibition, Garden, Home, Urban, Bonsai, and University Lab
• Growth of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Marijuana and so on


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