Integrated LED Panel

Integrated LED Panel

Patriot’s New LED lens technology channels the light emitted by the LED’s on the side of the fixture and directs the light downward creating uniform light distribution without hot spots, flicker or glare. Bright and powerful—the minimum 20-watt LED light has 100 LEDs with an output of up to 2,400 lumens, the maximum 75-watt LED light has 375 LEDs with an output of up to 9,000 lumens. LEDs have Daylight 5,000K color temperatures, and with the dimming function, it is recommended to use 0-10V dimmer.

• Hotel
• Hospital
• School/Train station
• Conference/meeting rooms
• Residential/institution buildings
• Factories/office
• Other Commercial place
• Lighting the way to your site and maximum savings.
• The Flexibility and Safety you Desire, varieties of color temperature and wattage.


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