Buy American Act Compliance

BAA Compliant

Axis LED Group (ALG) / Patriot Products is in compliance with the Buy American Act of 1933 (41 U.S.C. § 10a-10d), or the BAA, which governs the procurement of supplies and construction materials for use by the United States government in its construction projects. As such, government entities and agencies are required to buy American LED lighting or LED lighting fixtures for projects covered by the BAA’s requirements.

The BAA is similar to but separate from the Buy American section (section 1605) of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009, or ARRA. Our Patriot Tube LED lighting products are in compliance with both the BAA and the Buy American requirements of the ARRA, because even though we use certain imported components, our products are then assembled in the U.S.A. The fact that they receive their final assembly in the U.S. allows them to qualify as U.S.-made end products.

In addition, the LED lighting components and parts we source from Taiwan are also in compliance with the BAA, since Taiwan has been designated a World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement (WTO GPA) country.

All of our Patriot Tube products qualify as American made LED lighting for the purposes of the BAA as well as the ARRA. For more information about any particular product, you can view the specifications on all of our products in the Products section of our website:

Our Products

ALG creates high quality LED lighting products that are ideal for any project, whether for government sector or private sector use. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and welcome any questions you may have about our products.