Patriot LED’s assembled in USA product lines offer the highest quality product at low direct prices.

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With Axis LED Group, a better way to buy direct has never been so close to home. Patriot LED proudly offers a USA assembled product line of LED fixtures appropriately named Patriot LED. These high quality and reliable Patriot Products are competitively priced with foreign made tubes, DLC listed & UL rated, and backed by a 5 year warranty (up to 10 years for qualifying orders).

Assembled in USA LED tubes from Axis LED Group opens up a world of possibilities that you should expect from the global leader in LED tubes and panels manufacturing. Buy assembled in USA compliant Patriot LED products are redefining what is possible within the US Government lighting sector. Because of the advances in manufacturing and the strategic business planning of Patriot LED, no other US LED competitor can match the price, the quality, or the service Patriot LED is able to offer.

Contact us today to discuss what Patriot LED options work best for you and your next project. Axis LED Group offers the highest lumens at 145 LM/W with a 300 degree directional beam angle plug and play tube compatible with 98% of ballasts. The Patriot LED product line is also available with external drivers, panel lights, and retrofit kits that take only 3 minutes to install. Reduce your ROI time, energy costs, and increase project bid acceptance proudly with USA assembled Patriot LED products only available at Axis LED Group.


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To provide the latest and best performing LED technology at reasonable prices. Offering unmatched customer service and support. Longevity, efficiency, quality, and consistency of all our products.


We pride ourselves in being able to provide great LED lighting solutions to our customers. Many of our products have unique features specific to the Patriot Products ® brand.

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Patriot LED works closely with our suppliers and customers to cater to all your LED lighting needs. We value your business needs and look forward to a brighter future. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions!