5 Key Advantages Of Using Led Canopy Lights

5 Key Advantages Of Using Led Canopy Lights

Lighting has become one of the prime concerns of people constructing buildings. They put in a lot of efforts for making the lighting system work best. High quality light fixtures are preferred for such purposes. Lighting, both indoor and outdoor, is necessary. However, the outside of any building is more exposed to the people and environment therefore; it requires greater attention.

LED canopy lights have emerged as an excellent option for outdoor lighting. They are often found at hotels, gas stations, walkways, aisles, drive-thrus, parking areas, etc. They have successfully replaced HID lamps and provide an outstanding source of energy efficient LED lighting. With their longer operating hours and less maintenance costs, LED canopy lights provide a trendy and attractive look to the outer of a building. Along with their modern looking features there are a number of other benefits of using LED canopy lights. 5 of their key advantages are as follow. 

1. Sustainable and saves energy

One of the biggest advantages of using LED canopy lights is that they are energy efficient. They save both energy and labor. Unlike the traditional fixtures, LED canopy lights have a long life span. They have greater hours of successful operation and consume a lot less electricity. They are one of the most sustainable and affordable electric devices known.

2. Require low cost of maintenance

Being sustainable and energy efficient devices, LED canopy lights have a lower maintenance cost. They not only help to save energy but money also. Their expected life span is 50,000-100,000 hours so they don’t require to be replaced often. However, on the other hand, HID lamps and ordinary lights work up to 12,000-25,000 hours only. Also, they lose lumens very fast thus require a frequent replacement which adds to their maintenance cost.

3. Withstand harsh environment

LED canopy lights are generally very efficient. They can work with equal efficiency in harsh environments as well. LEDs are often seen working in extreme temperatures without any impairment. On the other hand, normal lights use more electricity to generate light in freezing environment. They have to work hard but not the LEDs that are able to withstand the elements. In addition, many LED fixtures can easily withstand rain and bad weather too. They are IP rated and are certified to work well in any kind of environment.  

4. Provide high-quality light

LED canopy lights have a wide spectrum of light. They generate high quality, intense light that can brighten up a wide range of area easily. They have a large color rendering index (CRI) starting from 70 and ranging up to 98. CRI measures the quality of light by checking its ability to reveal the actual colors of the objects. This high CRI magnitude supports the fact that LED canopy lights produce high-quality light and illuminate the object well for a better and clearer vision.

5. Environment-friendly

The LED canopy lights are friendly to the environment. They work in a safe manner without damaging the environment. This is because they emit light within the visible spectrum with zero UV emissions.

If you are intending to use LED canopy lights for your next hotel or something, you are surely making the best decision! They come with numerous advantages and benefit the users in every possible way. 

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