It is important to make the illumination of your office your top priority. This is why we provide you with all lighting fixtures you could possibly need; in your home environment or corporate offices.

Having the right lighting when setting up an office is very important, but most employers of labor don’t realize how significant this simplistic but distinctive act is, and this has been the missing link. If you desire to boost productivity, retain a corporate image and lower overhead costs then, there are a series of elements to put into consideration.


The illumination of an office and its interior set-out can affect an individual’s level of performance. With the right lighting in a home-office you improving the level of your concentration and as a result, increase your performance.

The use of LEDs is highly recommended –for the following reasons:

  • They are powered by DC instead of AC –as to this effect, eliminating the flickering that is not easily perceived by the human eyes; which is one of the causes of migraines and headaches that are associated with the use of traditional lightings. Also responsible for eyestrain which is one common ailment of the eyes. This factor can demotivate employees in a short period of time by making them spend more relating to their health and as a result, decrease the level of their productivity.
    • LEDs have a high CRI, this literally means they replicate natural sources of light. This factor allows the LEDs to enhance different color temperatures; from cool white (6000k) to warm white (3000K).  Popularly used in offices –is the cool white (6000k) because of its clinical and clean light production. This feature allows the stimulation of the ipRGC receptors that are in the eyes. As a result, increase energy for more productivity.


Minimizing costs -is very important for the growth of any start-up, this will ensure more productivity in the long run. It is very important to keep energy bills down even if you work from a home office.

With the use of LEDs, You can have about 90% of your light bills saved.  This will also reduce your annual costs. It will reduce your carbon footprint and also give you a greener workspace because of its low power consumption. Ultimately, you make more savings by switching to LEDs and have more to spend on other budgets.


For instance, office lighting has a little difference when compared to home lightings. This is because it has a more discreet appearance and a high commercial value. Most offices choose panel lights like such as the NextGen 600×600 40W LED Panel Light.

It uses a minor of 40W to power 3400 lumens light which is also suitable for illuminating large spaces. When compared to the halogen it is about 10 X lower

There are a series of options including Tube light, and Batten Lights which depend on the choice of space you intend lighting. For instance, the batten lighting is a retrofit fixture that can ergonomically brighten a wide range of area because of its extensive light distribution.

Most home offices don’t use commercial light fittings, as to this effect, we suggest implementing cool white bulbs.  We can provide you with the appropriate desk lamp that will suit your personality and also support your performance. This lamp has clips that fit directly to the top of your desk with adjustable necks that allows you to direct or redirect the light to your desired directions.

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