6 Reasons to Upgrade From T12 Fluorescents To T8 LEDs

6 Reasons to Upgrade From T12 Fluorescents To T8 LEDs

The advent of T8 LEDs seem to have brought an end to the era of fluorescent bulbs. Why? LEDs house all the amazing lighting features you can ever think of. Perhaps, after you have seen these amazing benefits of using the T8 LEDs, nothing will make any sense to you about fluorescent bulbs.

  • Saves More Light With Superior Efficiency

Linear fluorescent lights used to be the most efficient lighting option for offices, retail venues, hospitals, schools, and other large spaces. Then, people would opt for the T12 fluorescent lamps that were introduced in the 1030s. Of course, they offered lamp life that was about 10,000 hours, and they have better energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs.

  • Lasts Longer With Superior Operation

T8 LEDs is three times durable than fluorescents. T12 and linear fluorescents have a life span of about 15,000 hours while T8 LEDs can go for about 50,000 hours. Turning on and off of fluorescent lamp can decrease its life span but that does not pose any challenge to the T8 LEDs light bulbs. Fluorescents emit less light when they near the end of their lives. This low quality of light continues until fluorescents are completely damaged. But, LEDs will maintain the same high-quality light until they complete their operating life.

  • No Toxic Materials

LEDs can reduce the toxic chemicals in the environment. So, when you upgrade to T8 LED tube lamps, you will be doing the planet a whole lot of good. Besides, LEDs are energy-saving bulbs, and you will love the lovely illumination they’ll give your home. LEDs are safe to use because they do not contain mercury or other metals that could be inimical to human’s health. Since they are less fragile than linear fluorescent bulbs, they won’t break very easily during replacements, or as a result of everyday usage.

  • Higher-Quality Light

Perhaps, you are familiar fluorescents’ sallow, blue-white light fixtures. Most people do not like this type of light. People want better light colors but fluorescents have low color rendering capacity. LEDs offer CRI of 80 while that of fluorescent lights is less than 60.

  • T8 LEDs End Ballasts Or Starters

At times, you switch the lights on and one doesn’t come up while the others start to flick. You begin to wonder whether the fault is from the lamps, the ballasts, or the starters.

T8 LEDs have internal drivers. It is either they work or they don’t. They are designed to work for 50,000 hours. Once the limit is reached, you already know the next line of action. You really don’t need to waste your time or money on a starter or a ballast.

  • Linear Fluorescent Is Fading Out

Stricter legislations are being passed to put an end to the use of linear fluorescents, and its luminaries too are off the mainstream lighting market. LED technology is improving at an alarming rate, and it has connected with other advanced technologies such as visual light communications (VLC) and mobile connectivity. Over time, people who upgrade will save more money and energy.

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