LED Flat Panels in Commercial and Residential Applications

LED Flat Panels in Commercial and Residential Applications

Are you looking to enhance and update the Lighting in your business?  Light an office, retail space, basement, or garage?  Save some cash?  Get rid of these fluorescents?  You then need look no further than LED horizontal panels, since they give a great replacement for the current fluorescent troffers due to their longevity, cost savings, superior look, and in some instances increased controller. 

Even though, your typical fluorescent can last from 15,000 to 30,000 hours, the minimum hours for many LEDs we carry is 50,000 with some lasting as long as 100,000 hours or more.  With a little change, you’re getting anywhere from 2 to 6 times the graded hour functionality with an LED.  Along with the time and hassle you’ll save less replacement being necessary, there is also the savings to think about.  You not only need to buy less, but by just replacing your existing fluorescents using LEDs, you can end up with savings of up to 80 percent on your annual energy bill!  Why pay that money out to the energy business as soon as you can put it into your business?  There’s also the extra plus of helping sustain the planet and decreasing waste. 

Besides, the greater stats on hours, the savings, both environmental and financial, there is an argument to be made for the superior look of LED flat panels.  The panels we’ve got available are edge-lit with a sophisticated lens which allows for delivery of a smooth and even distribution of light to ensure a spectacularly illumined space.  Additionally, they sport a thin and modern appearance that lets you choose between the conventional, flush using a fall grid ceiling installation that you likely have along with your fluorescents, or you could suspend them in the ceiling to accent the modern appearance.  And, although not all do, most also contain the additional choice of a dimming feature, letting you adjust for the best brightness to your space. 

Most of our offerings include the fine folks at CREE and RAB, with ETI, Halco, and Maximum LED rounding from the area.  Our LED lighting panels come in the standard dimensions of 1×4, two ×2, and 2×4 with all three varieties featuring the color temperature options of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, together with both 2×2 and two 2×4 containing an additional 3000K option.  You can check out what we have available via the next link https://patriotled.com/led-panels/ and If you understand what you want, you can go ahead and place your order at the moment, or

Our Certified Lighting Specialists and they will supply you with a free estimate and light layout if you so want.  Thank you for picking PatriotLED for your lighting requirements.

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