Application of LED Vapor Tight High Bays

Application of LED Vapor Tight High Bays

If you’re Looking to do a massive job, PatriotLED offers free estimates and lighting designs.  So get started on your Vapor Tight lighting project today, and revel in the money-saving of LED paired with the durability of a Vapor Tight fixture.

The PatriotLED Vapor Tight High Bay fixtures are the ideal choice in any one of these applications.  PatriotLED carries 15 different models of these innovative fixtures.  You can discover the correct fixture by filtering by number of lamps, color temperature, replacement
equal, and much more to find the perfect fixture for your center.  They’re Made in the USA, so you know they’re high quality and it’s evident in the 50,000-hour lifespan.  If a top bay is too big for your area, there are also Vapor Tight LED Strip Fixtures that offer the same benefits in a smaller form.  

One frequently unknown Advantage of LEDs is they perform in colder temperatures, making them the perfect selection for cold and refrigerated storage facilities. One issue that occurs in these regions is the buildup of condensations.   

Refrigerated Storage

Since they’re Partially indoor and partially outdoor, your fittings will be exposed to more factors compared to rigorous indoor applications.  Snow, rain, and even larger quantities of dust and dirt are deteriorating the durability of your lighting fixtures.  The polycarbonate lens retains fixtures safe from other factors also include damage and vandalism that occurs throughout use.  

Parking Garages
Bays is equally as simple as a classic high bay.  Mounting choices include V-Hook, ceiling mount, and cable bracket. They Simple Mounting System will not require users to drill any holes which makes the install quick and simple.  Vapor Tight High Bays are a favorite for their durability, high quality, and impressive life output.  Below are a few examples where you would benefit from utilizing a LED Vapor Tight High Bay fixture.  

PatriotLED Vapor Tight Fixtures come with much more certifications than most fittings, making
this the perfect choice for your lighting requirements. As dust and dirt begin to cover the fixture, just spray wash the fixture, and it will appear to be a brand new light every moment.  

If you operate in a harsh environment, you understand how difficult that can be — It can be equally as difficult in your building’s lighting system.  Moisture and dirt can result in considerable harm to fittings by compromising the home and harmful inside cables and components.  Vapor Tights are designed specifically to fight this issue.  A polycarbonate housing paired with a constant gasket contribute into an airtight seal which keeps out moisture, dust, and humidity.  They also feature impact resistant lenses that are connected with stainless steel clips, so accentuating the airtight seal.  

LED High Bay fixtures are a favorite option in many Warehouse, industrial, and office applications.  These strong fixtures provide High-output lighting which could brighten up the largest of space.  But what Happens when you operate in a harsh environment and need something a bit  Little more durable?  LED Vapor Tight High Bays provide the Identical lighting, and dependability high bays are famous for but with durable, waterproof housing.

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