LED High Bay Lights: The Right Choice for Color-Perfect Illumination

LED High Bay Lights: The Right Choice for Color-Perfect Illumination

If you own or manage a large commercial space or industrial site, you know what high bay lights are, though you may not use that phrase to describe them. As the name indicates, these are fixtures designed and installed for the specific purpose of lighting areas with high ceilings. Some guidelines start defining “high bay” as 15 feet, though others begin at 20 feet. Ceiling height can extend to about 45 feet in some settings.

What is needed, of course, are powerful light sources that will illuminate a large area – from a distance. If you need to install new lighting or want to upgrade your current fixtures, consider LED high bay lights as the best option for proper illumination and energy efficiency. They are a natural choice for industrial sites and commercial use.

Work Areas, Recreation

LED high bay lights work for a number of applications, including assembly-line areas and factories, as well as for gymnasiums and other recreational facilities. Don’t hesitate to talk with a lighting specialist to discuss how light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures will be the right choice for you warehouse or storage facility, or in your event center and conference. You can depend on having consistent, comfortable lighting that illuminates the area for work, and keeps things safe for employees and visitors.

When you choose LED high bay lights, you have not only invested in the best option for illumination, you will benefit from unmatched energy efficiency as well. In general terms, this technology delivers extremely long service life, and will save you money on energy costs. To be more specific, your company can depend on LED fixtures to use 80%, even 90% of electricity for the production of light. Very little is lost to heat, a major improvement over traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent fixtures.

Working with a leading supplier of LED high bay lights also gives you access to the best prices on high-quality fixtures. Once you’ve installed them and begin to use them, these lights will save you on maintenance and labor costs too. Classic bulbs required frequent replacement, due to their relatively short life. LED technology gives you amazing longevity, with most lights working for you through 50,000 hours or more. Some deliver 100,000 hours of worry-free service.

For Example

Consider LED high bay lights for your open-floor-plan assembly operation. When you have many workers at their work-stations in this large area, you can provide comfortable, efficient lighting for overall use with these fixtures. With one or more of the specific designs, you can even use these lights in outdoor areas. Work with your lighting expert to choose the right fixture that focuses light on the areas where employees and customers view products and services.

Customers will love the great lighting you’ve installed, because the illumination is clear, glare-free, and of the right color/temperature. LED high bay lights bring out accurate color of any items they’re focused on. Combine this with energy-savings that will surprise you (with reduction in costs of 50%, 60% and more) and you’ll see why this the correct choice for you and your company.

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