How To Buy The Right LED Corn Bulb For Your Factory

How To Buy The Right LED Corn Bulb For Your Factory

If you are thinking what is a LED corn bulb you are not the only one; many people are wondering what are these devices and if they can benefit from them in their factories or residential spaces. Knowing what is a LED corn bulb and what are their special features helps you decide if you should invest in these lighting fixtures.

What is a LED corn bulb

The name of the  LED corn bulb comes from the resemblance of these bulbs with the corn on the cob. The light cob is made from multiple lines of LED tubes. A cob can have between 80 to 108 individual lights. This makes the corn bulb a perfect fit for parking lots, street lights and other types of outdoor spaces.

One of the main features of  LED corn bulbs is that they are easy to install. This made them earn a lot of ground in the last years, along with their ability to provide more light that other types of light bulbs, for example incandescent bulbs. Another attractive feature of the  LED corn bulbs is their extra-long life-span: they can last as much as 25 years. This is a big advantage for companies who want to invest in sustainable solutions and safe money. The cost of replacing the corn bulbs are reduced and their maintenance cost is also lower that the cost of maintaining traditional light bulbs.

What to look for in a  LED corn bulb

Before you invest in corn bulbs you need to know what size of light bulbs you need. LED corn bulb come in two sizes of the base: E26 and E39. E26 is the most popular size for residential spaces, while the bigger E29 is mostly found in industrial spaces. If you own a warehouse or a factory, you probably need E29  LED corn bulbs.

Because the amount of light provided by a LED is measured in lumens, you need to look at the lumens noted on the light bulbs, instead of watts.

Apart from the lumens you need to look at the range of colors provided by the  LED corn bulb. A bulb with 3000k provides a warm light, which creates a soothing, relaxing environment. They are best suited for restaurants and places where you want to have a relaxing environment.

4000K  LED corn bulbs are a good fit for places where you need white light, such as offices. The white light is similar to the natural light, so it stimulates the worker and provides a good vision. There are also corn bulbs in 5000k, which are good for large, open spaces, such as parking lots. You can also find  LED corn bulbs in higher ranges, which provide a blue light, but they are not advised as they disturb the circadian rhythm.

Flat vs 360 degrees

There are so-called flat LED corn bulbs and 360 degrees. This classification often confuses people, as they don’t know the difference between them. The flat bulbs provide 180 degrees of light, focused downwards. The 360 degree LED corn bulbs provides light in all directions. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of LED corn bulb which fits your needs best. After you’ve decided on the right corn bulb you will enjoy the benefits of these sustainable lighting fixtures.

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