3 Amazing Reasons Why Retrofits are Perfect For Your Existing Fixtures

3 Amazing Reasons Why Retrofits are Perfect For Your Existing Fixtures

One of the major priorities businesses set for themselves is to find possible ways to cut down costs and they keep trying to inculcate possible technologies that will help them achieve this. Many businesses that have successfully transformed from the use of regular lighting to LED technology have been glad the made the best decision to help boost their revenue (because poor lighting reduces workplace productivity).

Businesses save up to 75% electricity simply by replacing regular lighting technologies with LED lightings. LEDs are not just beneficial for the short term alone, but they also help businesses achieve long term savings, which is the number one reason why lots of contractors and businesses are already pursuing the lighting solution. All these are amazing benefits that businesses stand to gain from using LED, but there’s even a lot more benefits especially in additional cost savings if they choose retrofitting over replacement of full fixture.

Here, let’s take a few points to discuss the difference between retrofitting and a full design, and why businesses pursue retrofitting as a better option in some situation. We’ll also highlight how both alternatives can become solutions in lowering the cost of commercial lighting system.

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Major Difference Between Retrofitting and a Full Fixture Replacement

In brief summary, we can explain retrofitting as changing already existing regular lights to LED lights for the purpose of further improving the quality of light as well as saving energy. A full fixture replacement on its own refers to a complete replacement of both the lighting fixtures and the light source.

Both are different in their scope and advantages. LED retrofit kits have quite a number of standout benefits that are not obtainable in new fixtures:

  • They are by far, less expensive to install because of the ease involved
  • They have a lower upfront cost

There are also instances when retrofit will not work, and at such times, a full fixture replacement will be the perfect solution. Such instances include: when existing fixture get damaged, are out of date, or not well suited for retrofit kits.

We normally advice that you seek an expert opinion before making your final choice between full redesign and retrofit.

Professional LED lighting companies understand a lot about the industry and can easily point you towards what’s right and how to go about the seamlessly. With them, you can avoid certain unnecessary costs resulting from wrong and uninformed decisions.

If you’ve not moved on to LED technology, here are 3 reasons why you should start thinking about it today.

  1. Energy Savings

This in undoubtedly the biggest benefit that stands LED lighting out from other regular lights. By migrating to LED, you are guaranteed energy savings of up to 75% compared to traditional light fixtures.

It takes just 3-4 years or even less sometimes for businesses that upgrade to LED to achieve returns on investment, depending on how long they run the light daily. Additionally, the long lasting quality of LED lights makes them saving solutions even long after businesses have recovered their investment.

  1. Longer Lifespan

LEDs have become increasingly popular for their long lifespan. They last far longer than most traditional lighting systems. Depending on type and usage, some LED lights last up to 100,000 hours, which represents being changed only once in 10 years. With this long lasting quality, businesses are guaranteed to spend less on kit replacements as well as have lessened expenses in relation to bulb replacement.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Every business seek more productivity because it translates to more profit. The success of any company depends on how productive its workers are. Most companies seek for better ways to improve better productivity among its employers and this can easily be achieved by a change of light bulbs.

Workplace lighting can affect work activities of employees by either making them energized or drowsy. The lights produced by LEDs can be compared to that of the sun. The make employees more energized and active.

Temperature also affects productivity. With the lower heat emission by LEDs compared to HID lights, employees are guaranteed of a cooler work environment, making them happier and more productive.

There are a lot of other benefits, but this three should be enough to convince you that LEDs are not just trending, but that they are lighting solutions for businesses seeking better productivity at lowered cost too.

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