Why Your Warehouse Needs LED Lighting

Why Your Warehouse Needs LED Lighting

High-Bay light fixtures have become so popular that users now integrate them into a wide range of usage. People now use them in facilities that require sufficient illumination from a high point. Such facilities include sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks, and other industrial facilities.

Before now, people depended on metal halide lights to illuminate such high roof buildings, but the truth is that these lights have always had a number of issues, ranging from long warm-up time to excess consumption of electricity and short lifespan. These inefficiencies caused people to think of possible replacements and it was time for fluorescents and LED lighting to salvage the situation. But over time, LED has proven to be a better choice among the two because of its energy efficiency, longer lasting lifespan, low maintenance cost, and better light output.

Why Should You Not Purchase Metal Halide High Bay Lights?

Metal halide has stayed on for a long time. In fact, at some point, it was the solution to lighting, because they were better than traditional lights in color temperature and light output. But despite what seems like incredible features, metal halides are still stacked with a number downsides. They begin to lose lumens with time and even change their colors of lighting at times.

Fluorescent high bay light fixtures may seem a solution in efficiency and its long-lasting nature, but they also have a strong tendency to flicker, and they contain poisonous mercury that can become a problem when if not disposed properly. LED lights cover all mentioned problems and are better for a lot of reasons.

Four Reasons LED Lighting Is Perfect for Every Warehouse

When warehouse owners set out to buy high bay light fixtures, they usually want to get fixtures that guarantee longevity, non-toxic materials, cool temperature, enough brightness, and great color rendering.

LED lights are perfect solutions for all these and that’s why most buyers are beginning to prefer them over other alternatives. Here is an outline of all the benefits warehouse owners can expect when they buy LED lights for use in their warehouses.

  1. Energy Efficiency

This is one of the biggest advantages of LED lighting fixtures. It is, in fact, one of the major reasons most warehouse owners are beginning to switch to it. Compared to alternative high-end lighting fixtures, LEDs use lesser watts to produce even more lumens than traditional light fixtures.

The guarantee up to 90% energy saving, meaning that you get to save up to 90% of the money to be used for electricity.

  1. Long Lasting

LED lights may be a bit expensive compared to traditional lights, but when you look properly into its characteristics, you’ll get to get back the extra spent through the number of years it will serve you. LEDs can stay active for as long as 10 years, without losing anything from its initial brightness level. This is unlike this metal halide lights we know that continues to reduce in brightness with time of usage. No more need for frequent replacement of lights, and yes, they are well constructed to stand the test of time, so that you are not scared of breakage.

  1. Cool Temperature

Compared to traditional lights, LED lights emit very little energy as heat and this makes the really safe for usage in different settings and locations that are temperature sensitive. The save living cost, since you may not really need air conditioners the way you’ll do when using traditional lights.

  1. Uniform Light

Direction is a major characteristic of LED lighting, so you can channel light to a particular location, without having it scattered all around. Their multiple diodes help the maintain uniformity as the dispense light across surfaces.

By now, without doubts, you should known that LEDs do not have competition when it comes to high bay lighting fixtures. Getting them for your warehouse puts you in position to enjoy all the benefits that have been highlighted above.

By now, without doubts, LEDs do not have competition when it comes to high bay lighting fixtures. Get them installed in your warehouse and enjoy all the benefits that have been highlighted above. Scroll through our LED HighBay Lighting Fixtures and Feel free to talk to us if any question.

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