LED Food Light: 5 Popular LED Lighting Fixtures

LED Food Light: 5 Popular LED Lighting Fixtures

One of the most important places requiring top quality LED light fixtures include grocery and fruit shops, food stores, restaurants, hotels, cafes and supermarkets.  A great grocery store experience comes alive when all vegetables and fruits are accentuated in their natural hues and splendor with neat rows of products delightfully displayed for every customer. Even in restaurants and cafes lighting ensures food is savory and attractive. Nevertheless, it’s not accomplished by any kind of lighting but LED food lighting fixtures specifically made for areas where food is either sold, displayed or served.

LED food light fixtures allow food shops to conserve energy. The establishment ends up with a consistent illumination in every corner that’s also very energy efficient. The following are USA assembled LED food lighting fixtures popularly used in areas where food is produced, processed, sold, served, chilled or displayed.

 LED Food Light

Whether you love pendants mount or perfect LED food lighting fixtures for the harshest environments this luminary is perfect. It includes aluminum housing and assembled in the USA for use in high moisture areas. Promises 50,000 hours of service backed by a five-year warranty. The luminaries are heavily popular across the United States for use in diverse areas involved with food from restaurants, fruit shops, food and grocery shops, cafes to supermarkets and even corridors.

LED Food FX Series Lighting

Superbly suspended installation, the FX Series LED food lighting fixture offers high output of lumens, dimmable and works with motion sensors and back up batteries. The design is elegant, anti-aging and anti-corrosion enhanced with high safety assurances. Designed specifically for use in areas where food is produced and processed, it’s highly popular around the country in such areas as sea food, raw and cooked meat markets, fruit shops and supermarkets.

Refrigerator LED Light Fixtures

Backed by a minimum of five year warranty, Refrigerator LED light fixtures are a glass-free lighting fixtures for use in commercial freezers and refrigerators. The luminaire features color uniformity enhanced by binned diodes. Once the LED light is exposed to cold surroundings it immediately starts and vividly enhances the appearance of displayed merchandise or food items. The LED refrigerator light fixture is popular for intense reduction of energy use by up to 75 percent guaranteeing highly reduced operating costs.

Shop Light LED

A top Energy star certified LED shop lighting fixture, the luminaire features high CRI and top quality LED chip. It’s popular across the board for its ability to save energy by over 70 percent in contrast with fluorescent lighting. Shop light LED is easy to install, backed by great heat dissipation features and long lifespan. Across the United States the luminaire is vastly used in department stores, large and small supermarkets, offices, waiting rooms, classrooms, to corridors and other areas.

Underwater LED lighting fixtures

LED underwater lighting features ultra-bright and durable LED with fantastic lighting display. It’s perfect for fish ponds, aquariums, water parks and swimming pools. Even if all you want is a linear vinyl and concrete swimming pool underwater lighting the luminaire works perfectly fine. Top-notch design ensures no water leaks while varied effects keep the pond or pool highly decorative and elegant.

Have a pool, fish pond, food store, supermarket, grocery, fruit shop, hotel, café, food production or processing establishment in need of quality responsive lighting? LED food lighting fixtures is a unique line of USA assembled top-quality luminaire heavily applied across the country in diverse sectors.

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