The Effects Of Led Grow Lights On Plants And The Benefits For The Grower

The Effects Of Led Grow Lights On Plants And The Benefits For The Grower

Investing in a LED lighting system can seem very expensive at first, until you get to know all the benefits it can bring. Growing a crop is not an easy task, no matter how experienced you are, as a farmer. The natural sunlight is often blocked by structures or it is simply not enough to allow you to grow your plants. In many parts of the world the season for growing crops is very short, which is very problematic. Using LED lights to grow plants has already proved its benefits, from changing the productivity of the plant to changing the flavor of its fruits.

A big investment for big results

Many farmers who want to change their lighting systems avoid LEDs because they believe they are too expensive. The truth is some of the best LED grow lights are actually cheaper than regular lighting systems, especially on the long run. The initial cost of installing LED lights in your greenhouse is higher than the cost of installing other type of lighting systems, but LEDs are more efficient, so the costs of running the greenhouse are going to be lower. Moreover, the LED will enable you to grow crops all year round, no matter the weather, which is also going to increase your ROI.

LED growing lights can also lower the costs for cooling down the greenhouse or for watering the plants, depending on the crop and the climate.

Play with LED Grow Lights for a Bigger Crop

One of the biggest advantages of LED growing lights is that they allow you to control the intensity of the light, as well as the wavelength and spectrum. If you grow multiple types of plants in the same greenhouse you can adjust the LEDs to provide different conditions for different crops.

Changing the spectrum of the light can dramatically alter the taste of the crops, as well as the amount of fruits each plant can produce. For example, you can use light with a higher percentage of blue in order to produce a more aromatic plant.

Less Hormones and Healthier Crops

 Because one can alter the production and taste of the plants with LED lights, there is no need to use plant hormones. This is a major benefit, as it allows the grower to produce healthy, hormone free vegetables and herbs. The use of pesticides is also made redundant in many cases, so the crops grown under LED lights are not exposed to chemicals of any kind. Some farmers even give up on fertilizers, producing ecological, 100% natural vegetables.

Considering the prominent climate changes in the last years, using best LED grow lights can become the solution for growing urban, indoor vegetables in areas where there is too much sun or too little sun. the cost of LED lights is decreasing, as technology enables the production of economical lighting systems. As growing large, tasty crops is becoming less expensive, the end user is also going to benefit a lot from LEDs, as they are going to buy 100% natural, chemical free vegetables, at an affordable price.

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