Protect Your Health and Video Shoots with Flicker-less LEDs made in USA

Protect Your Health and Video Shoots with Flicker-less LEDs made in USA

According to the United States Department of Energy Fact Sheet, flicker is a huge concern for both people and video equipment. With so many cheap LED lighting products out there, chances are LED bulb flickering is affecting your videography, video shoots and health in assorted ways, something you won’t find in LEDs made in USA.

Videography and flickering

Video and photo shoots using both reflectors and sun as the source of light have very few problems with flicker if any. However, for everyone else using other sources of light shooting a video can be an extremely frustrating exercise. During the use of video equipment the interaction between frame-capture rates and flicker end in addling and problematic images. Most people actually believe wrongly that LED lights don’t flicker and expect any fixture to work for their video.

AC powered LED lighting has the same annoying flicker problem per frame rate as fluorescent lighting. However, lots of LED lights for videography purposes are DC powered with less flicker. AC/DC power supply in LED lights in most video shoot light fixtures is highly unsatisfactory. With most cheap LED lighting poorly made, particularly the power supply, AC voltage seeps into LED light creating a conflicting ripple. AC ripple in the light fixture causes it to flicker or pulse in the process destroying the shot.

LED lights when dimmed can result in flickers causing more problems than quality shots. Whether battery powered or not, LED light once dimmed result in severe flickering.  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) has been used widely to rectify the dimming problem by ensuring the light is not very bright over a period of time through the pulsing of the LED. Still, pulses can take place rapidly and while the camera and human eye might not detect it the result is a flickering source of light. In the process, pulse and frame rate might not align and the video footage will show flickering whether noticeable by the human eye or not.

To shoot high quality frame rates above the standard ones, including high-speed video shoots and enjoy easy dimming of the light source when you want is only possible with flicker free LEDs made in the USA.  Flicker less LEDs can save you time and money as well as an ill-fated ending to your video shoot.

Flicker and your health

For those who use LED lighting for efficiency at home or work place, flicker can seriously affect their health. Flicker disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body causing discomfort and mental confusion. Circadian rhythms once interrupted mean normal body hormonal releases, sleep and wake cycles, body temperature, digestion and eating habits among a host of other critical bodily functions are highly affected and disrupted.

Flicker distresses people differently. Some are more sensitive and highly affected by flicker than others. Most affected include autistic persons, people always suffering from migraines and headaches and sensitive to stripes and patterns, heavy readers and photosensitive epileptics.

Flicker free LEDs made in USA both UL verified and BAA compliant allow users to relish long life LED bulbs, save energy, enjoy efficient LED lighting and brightness while protecting health and video shoots.

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