Axis LED Group Offers BAA Compliant LED Tubes for Federal Construction Projects

Axis LED Group Offers BAA Compliant LED Tubes for Federal Construction Projects

When it comes to procuring BAA compliant LED tubes, there is really only one source consumers should turn to in the marketplace and that is Axis LED Group, a Buy American Act-compliant supplier of LED lighting and LED lighting fixtures for construction materials used by the government of the United States in public construction projects.

What does that mean exactly?

Compliance with the Buy American Act of 1933 means that Axis LED Group supplied LED lighting and fixtures come equipped with BAA compliant LED tubes. Passed during the Hoover administration to encourage the purchase of American-made materials in the commissioning and building of federal government public projects, the Buy American Act can apply to anything from building to infrastructure projects.

The goal of the act, of course, was quite simple: Encourage government contractors to purchase and third-party suppliers to vend BAA compliant materials when designing and implementing federal public projects.

Specifically, Axis LED Group complies with Buy American Act 41 U.S.C. § 10a-10d. Similar to the more recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,  BAA compliant LED tubes sold by Axis LED Group meet the strict assembly requirements necessary to meet US-government BAA certification.

In practice this translates into BAA compliant LED tubes that use foreign components but whose assembly and shipment is within the continental United States. A necessary feature of BAA compliant LED tubes, assembly in the United States insures that Axis LED Group LED lighting and LED lighting fixtures are appropriate for federal government projects and use. Given that, Axis LED Group LED lighting projects should be at the top of any US federal government purchasing agent’s list of products to buy.

Sourcing products that are American made can be difficult and an often time consuming task. While the US federal government has made several allowances to give manufacturers flexibility in what they purchase, the rules remain quite strict, even for something as foreign component heavy as LED lighting and LED lighting fixtures.

The vast majority of Axis LED Group’s component parts are sourced from Taiwan, a World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement (WTO GPA) country. Not only are the products on offer from Axis LED Group all BAA compliant LED tubes, but also the products are American Recovery and Reinvestment Act compliant as well so purchasing agents can rest  easy with their purchase from Axis LED Group, a company that prides itself on not only offering quality LED lighting products but also completely compliant with current federal regulations regarding the purchase and use of American-made materials in construction projects.

In addition to being appropriate for federal, public sector use, Axis LED Group’s LED lighting products are also ideal for consumer applications and private corporations. With one of the largest product portfolios available, there is sure to be a product on offer from Axis LED Group that will satisfy your needs.

Armed with a world-class sales and service team, Axis LED Group is ready to fulfill all of your BAA compliant LED tubes lighting needs and at a price that is well within your budget.

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