Five Reasons Why LED Flood Lighting Should Be Your Next Buy

Five Reasons Why LED Flood Lighting Should Be Your Next Buy

First and foremost, LED Flood Lights are a special type of lighting fixture which are designed to illuminate larger areas, with their unique and durable design setting them apart from the usual lighting fixtures. From landscape lighting to poster board lighting and even on to building lighting, Led Flood Lighting is one the most diverse choices when it comes to a lighting option.

Available in a variety of sizes, including small (70W/105W), medium (150W/200W) and large (250W/300W), these lighting options are the perfect choice for a source of bright lights, which have the capacity to beam out at broader angles.

Long Lasting Life

The lifespan of the standard LED Flood Lighting fixture is of 50,000 hours, making you free of the hassle of replacing the LED flood light, any time soon. Further to this, when these lights are nearing the end of their life span, they do not simply shut off rather they phase out gradually, providing you with enough time to seek out a replacement for the bulb.

Energy Efficient

Other than eliminating the need for frequent bulb changes, LED Flood Lights deliver up to 5,400 lm while power consumption is only 45W, allowing you to save on electricity costs. Therefore, making it a highly suitable alternative for you, in case an energy friendly alternative is what you have in mind.


Provided you purchase your LED Flood Light from a reputable source, these lighting fixtures have rugged aluminium housing with UV resistant polycarbonate optical lens, which provides for exceptional protection against corrosion. Not to mention, LED Flood Lighting are UL /cUL wet location listed, meaning that they can be effectively utilised outdoors, as they are suitable for wet locations; suitable for use within environments from -40℃ to 45 ℃ (-40℉ to 113℉).

High on Safety

As a result of the absence of heat emission from the LED Flood lights, the risk of fire and electric incidents are minimized by a multi-fold. In addition to this, another major benefit with respect to safety is the absence of the fragile filament which is used for covering lights and is easily breakable.

Multiple Mounting Options

Whether you require the LED Flood Lighting fixture to be mounted on the wall or to be adaptable for aiming angles of the light, with the right LED Flood Lighting system, you can have multiple options to choose from. From the standard wall mount, either direct wall mounting or J-box mounting, to Trunnion (Yoke) mount, with its easy adaptability to many surfaces and on to the Slipfitter mount, an optional cast aluminium mast arm adapter; you can have choose which ever option fits best within for your designated requirement.

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