Why You Should Be Picking Led Light Fixture Instead Of CFL For Your Business

Why You Should Be Picking Led Light Fixture Instead Of CFL For Your Business

Lighting is not one of the primary concerns of a commercial property owner, until they need to be replaced. But the type of lighting fixtures you are using for your building can have a huge impact on your monthly energy bill. At the same time, surveys reveal that commercial properties make up 19% of the entire energy consumption in lighting in America. This equals 26 billion dollars spent on lighting alone. When you analyze things from this perspective, finding the most economical LED light fixture for your commercial property is definitely important.

Replacing old lighting fixtures with new ones is improving the lighting in the building and can help companies reduce their energy bill by half.

In the last years two types of lighting solutions emerged as the leaders in commercial property lighting: Compact Flourescent Lighting (CFL) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). However, led lighting fixtures provide the best value for your money and here is why.

The pros and cons of CFLs

CFLs are now slowly being replaced by LEDs and there are a number of reasons for this, apart from money. CFLs have been the commercial lighting fixture of choice for years on end, mainly because they are 70% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

But CFL need mercury to function, which is a dangerous heavy metal which can harm people and the environment. This means they require special disposal protocols, which can become costly in time.

Another problem with CFLs is that they are prone to failure. A temperature too high or too low can cause them to malfunction or even explode, in special cases. They produce quite a lot of heat, which can make them a fire hazard in small spaces.

The benefits of LED lighting fixtures

LED light fixture has replaced CFL lights thanks to a number of advantages they provide. First is linked to safety. LEDs don’t contain any heavy metals and they are safe for humans, as well as the environment. Their lifespan is five times longer than the one of CFLs and when they need to be replaced they don’t require special procedures. At the same time, the biggest advantage of LED lighting fixtures is their energy efficiency: they are 200% more efficient than other types of lighting solutions, on average. This means you will be able to recover your initial investment in the LEDs, which are going to last longer than other bulbs.

LED light fixture are safe even in small spaces, as the amount of heat they produce is not enough to cause a fire. If you consider switching your CFL lighting with LEDs in your commercial property you won’t need special fixtures, as LEDs are highly adaptable and easy to install on existing systems.

Comparative to CFLs, LEDs are more efficient, safer and cheaper, on the long term. Because they don’t require frequent replacements and provide a lot of light, they are convenient for offices and large open spaces as well, like parking spaces. If your commercial building still relies on CFLs or traditional light bulbs, you should be thinking of switching to the more efficient LEDs.

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