LED Lighting Fixtures Maintenance Plan

LED Lighting Fixtures Maintenance Plan

LEDs have an impressive lifespan up to 50,000 hours, but it depends on you to make sure your lighting fixtures do get to last that long. This average lifespan is expected to increase to 100,000 in the next years, as technology advances in the field. However, without proper maintenance, your LED lighting fixtures might require a replacement sooner. Here are the things you need to be aware of to keep your lights on for as much as possible.

Research before investing in LEDs

The first maintenance tip is actually referring to properly fitting the type of LED lighting fixtures to your needs. They are highly versatile and they can be used in all commercial spaces, both indoor and outdoor. But depending on where you install them, you need to invest in the right product. The temperature and the lumen are the most important features to look at, as well as the lighting system’s compatibility with dimmers. It might be a good idea to ask for advice from the manufacturer regarding how you should be installing and using the LED lights, to ensure they are lit for a long time.

Get specialized help with installation

Most companies do get specialized personnel to install the new  LED lighting fixtures, but there are also people who prefer to use their regular employees for this job. Apart from the obvious danger of working with electricity, installing the lighting appliances the wrong way can easily damage them.

Regular cleaning your LED Lighting Fixtures

 After they are in place, your LED light fixtures need to be cleaned on regular basis. Dust and debris gathers inside the lighting fixture and can easily lead to malfunctions. To prevent this problem, just clean them inside and outside at regular intervals. This will make them work properly for a longer time, saving you money.

Mind the environment

 Extreme temperature and humidity can inhibit the proper functioning of the LED lighting fixtures, as it alters the components inside the bulbs. There are places where you can’t avoid temperature changes or extreme temperatures, but if you can control this element, make sure to stay in the middle. Humidity also damages them, so keep the environment dry if you want to extend the LEDs’ lifespan.

Write it down

 Having a maintenance plan in your mind is not enough to make sure everything is in good shape. Your plan needs to be written and every maintenance task needs to be included, so everyone knows when was the last time someone conducted a check. Your maintenance plan should include the dates of each check, the procedures conducted on the lighting system, safety procedures, installation procedures and disposal of the faulty lamps procedures and contact information of the maintenance crew or company.

Switching to LED lighting fixtures can save your company a lot of money, but you need to protect your investment by establishing a maintenance plan to keep the system in top shape, so it can run for as long as possible.

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