Industrial lights are essential in any establishment, organization or factory, industry or workplace. It is not possible to carry out daily activities in an industry without the proper installation and function of a precise industrial lighting fixture. It goes far beyond the purchase and utilization of a random light bulb; there are some few key points to take note of when purchasing industrial light fixtures for your warehouse or company.

  1. The light should be able to reduce maintenance cost
  2. The industrial light fixture must have the properties to increase work productivity as a result of high level of visibility.
  3. Improve the safety of workers as well as their working conditions
  4. Above all, an industrial lighting fixture should respect the environment.

These qualities listed above are our priority here at www.patroitled.com we ensure that our products and services speak excellence and exude class.

We take into cognizance the approved requirements for industrial lighting. There is a massive difference between a regular lighting fixture and a Baa compliant lighting fixture.


In every industrial setup, there is a mandate which places the health and safety of employees first. It is therefore unwise to disregard the effects bad lighting has on your employees. Here are a few;

Frequent Accidents– as a result of a bad industrial lighting fixture, numerous accidents can occur in the workplace. It becomes challenging to see closeness, shape, and objects around you. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide proper industrial lighting to your employees to ensure their safety.

Eye Strain – poor lighting can lead to constant eye strain. When your employees strain their eyes to view objects or make use of their desktop daily, their eyes become irritated, teary and burning. If this lighting defect is not corrected, the eyes may gradually experience reduced vision, bad depth perception, double vision, sensitivity to contrast, etc.

Severe Headaches – bad lighting affects the brain as a result of the mind trying hard to comprehend shapes and figures because of eye strain. This is not just a health issue for your employees; it would affect your output as a business owner because your employees would end being unproductive throughout the working hours.

All these effects of bad lighting will conveniently be avoided if you purchase our LED Lights designed to dominate proffer lighting solutions and dominate the American market. Buy American, Buy patriotled.


Light Emitting Diodes or LED Lights are special kinds of lights. It is of no doubt that the need for environmental awareness and waste minimization is on the increase, and taking utmost care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. If you want a greener environment, then use LED light. All our LED Light products are Baa compliant.

LED Light does not have any toxic elements in them. Most regular bulbs contain fluorescent strip lights which contain harmful chemicals such as mercury.

LED is a perfect definition of environmentally friendly. 95% of the energy is converted to light while the remaining 5% is given off as heat. This is in contrast to ordinary bulbs whereby 95% of energy is converted to heat while 5% is converted to light.

In conclusion, the best industrial lighting fixtures you can think of is LED lighting. This is not only favorable to your employees, but also to you as it consumes low energy. Think environment, think LED light from us.

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