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Patriot Troffer Door Kit Series

troffer doorkit series

Patriot Troffer Lay-In Series

troffer layin

LED Luminaire Retrofit Kit

LED Luminaire Retrofit Kit


LED Corn Light Series

LED Corn Light – 80W


led lighting fixtures

LED Tri-Proof Light

LED Tri Proof Light

LED Wrap Light

LED Wrap Light

Vanity Wall Light

lighting fixtures


LED Downlight


LED Shop Light

Commercial Downlight LED

LED Underwater Light

FX Series - LED Food Light

Patriot LED Food Light

LED lights technology is stunning the world with the incredible rate at which it’s gaining popularity. Its popularity can be largely attributed to all the many competitive benefits it has ahead of other conventional lighting. Since its emergence, the LED lighting fixtures have grown in popularity to become the top choice for most costumers because of the superiority it offers in energy consumption, its affordable pricing and the quality if light it offers.

The benefits of LED Lighting technology to both homes and offices cannot be overemphasized, seeing how long it lasts, and how much energy it saves. Hence, they are the favorite choice when you need consistent illumination and maximized energy efficiency. The prices of LED lights may vary, depending on style and area of application, but the fact remains that irrespective of price, they start to pay back their costs almost immediately through the energy saving feature. LED technology is a huge success in keeping the environment safe, especially when compared to most others, largely because of their recyclable nature and their capability to outlast competitions for many years, cutting down on the landfill impact and saving a lot of money for users.

Our industrial lighting fixtures are also more beneficial in many other ways when compared to other types of outdoor bulbs. LED lights are fast gaining popularity for outdoor applications because of their ability to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

LED Lighting at Home

Indoor LED light fixtures are more beneficial in a lot of ways when compared to other types of lights, especially if you pay attention to reduced heat and more savings on your electricity bill. If you are changing the looks of your kitchen for instance, and you realize how much you need to reduce heat without changing much about your lighting conditions, then you should be looking in the direction of LED kitchen light fixtures, seeing how much importance they pay to reducing room temperature, while still giving you the flexibility that you need go get the right color that suits your need. LED technology have continued to gain market leadership in the tracking and recessed lighting world for their sizes and the flexibility they offer.

LED ceiling lights provide the flexibility to help you find your needed lighting specs, without needing to worry about size. If you want to light your hallway in a discreet way or accent your furniture, then your perfect choice should be the popular LED recessed lights. LED pendants and LED track lighting are also a great way to get your hallway lightened and to keep parts of your house accented throughout the day. LED chandeliers have proven their worth in modern day home designs, by creating the right illumination to your room, while saving commendable time and energy.