LED Wall Light – C Series

LED Wall Light – C Series

You need external or internal light that creates stunning effect. The search is over. This timelessly elegant wall lamp create your own Up & Down-effects. PATRIOT linear wall light brings a touch of contemporary sophistication, ideal for gate, corridors, entryways and living areas. This polished chrome light fixture has white plastic shades.

• Suitable for Surface Mount.
• Ideal for Harsh Environment Applications.
• 110 lumens per watt help to reduce pay back period of energy saving.
• Excellent light distribution and uniformity.
• Stainless Steel base.
• 50,000 hours working time and 5 years warranty.
• Optional 100% DR lens additive for impact resistance.
• Ideal for high moisture areas subject to the possibility of abuse.
• Built-in Constant Current LED Driver with High Efficient LED Module.
• Dimmable function for scene setting.

• Material: Stainless steel + PC
• Working environment: -30℃ – 45℃
• Working Humidity: ≤95%
• Storage condition: -40℃~80℃
• Limited voltage: 100-277VAC 50/60Hz


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