LED Underwater Light

LED Underwater Light

We offer a complete range of high-end products and service as business solutions for our clients, no matter where you are in the world, from swimming pool, water park to aquarium or fish pond. Our mission is to light up our city, Huaxia Lighting colorful people’s life. Enjoy led lighting bring us the changing and fulfill of our night life.

• Leak Proof Design: 100 fully sealed by Epoxy resin.
• Compatibility: Replaces any 12V and 24V Pool light.
• Ultra Durable LED: Reduce energy costs.
• Auto Synchronize: Truly incredible lighting display.
• Ultra Bright LED: Brilliant white, electric blue & colour changing RGB.
• Different effects make your pool appear more elegant and decorative.
• No water leaking, no headache.
• Application: Concrete swimming pools, Vinyl linear swimming pools.


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