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We are living in a world where energy conservation, style and the desire to go green are some of the most important things. Many companies have shifted from the old T8 lamps to the new energy and environmental efficient LED tube lamps. Here at Patriot Tube, we are not left out. We have designed a variety of LED tubes that are well designed and come in different colors according to your preferences.

Why choose our LED tube lights

Our LED tube lights are designed to replace the toxic fluorescent tube lights. Our expertise has designed the lights to represent a new generation of eco-friendly lights. Our lights have an exquisite design which provides a maximum light output and energy savings solution. Our lamps are solid and are light weight making them more durable with long life expectancy with no maintenance.

A comparison between T8 LED lamps and the old T8 lamps shows that the new LED bulbs use 40% less energy than the latter. Although the original cost of LED lights may seem high, the amount of money saved through their energy saving feature overrides it. LED lamps do not require a ballast as their T8 and T12 fluorescent competitors. Ballast in T8 and T12 lights requires an excessive amount of power to operate and give off a lot of heat. Since our LED lights lack ballast, they are not noisy and help regulate the amount of energy used.

Are you looking for some remedy to your eyes problems? Well, our LED lamps can be a cheaper solution. The LED lamps provide a more directional lighting and focus on the area to be lit as opposed to the fluorescent light spreading lower light throughout a larger area. With our LED lights, there is no flickering of lights thus less strain on the eyes.

Another added advantage is that our LED lamps are specially designed in many colors to meet everyone’s desire. Having been made of polymer and without any poisonous material such as mercury, our LED lamps are very environmentally friendly. Contact us today for the best LED lamps in the industry.