LED Solar Wall Light (PTW-005A1)

LED Solar Wall Lights (PTW-005A1)

Patriot Solar LED Wall Lights are a best best way to light your property without the need for complicated and expensive electrical work. Simply install your Solar Wall Light in a location that gets good sunlight and enjoy years of mains free solar lighting.

Our range of solar wall lights for the garden and outside have been developed with latest ground-breaking innovations in LED and solar panel technology and design.

1- Integrated design of PIR motion sensor
2- Built-in solar panel
3- Three optional modes
4- Installs easily with no wiring necessary
5- Rechargeable batteries(included)
6- Motion sensor turns light ON automatically at night when motion is detected 7-
7- Durable weather resistant heavy duty plastic construction
8- Anti UV radiation
9- Waterproof IP44, heatproof and durable
10- (5-10) years limited warranty

1- 24LED Solar Motion Sensor Light
2- Material:ABS,AS
3- Solar panel:Amorphous solar panel 6V,0.5Watt
4- Battery:Rechargeable Lithium
5- Battery,14500,500mAh.3.7V,1PC Light source:SMD2835 LED, 24PCS
6- Working time: 120minutes after full charged
7- Lighteness:100LM
8- Function:Constantly lighting and sensor lighting


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