With the increasing need to save energy and live in an eco-friendly environment, most people are adapting the LED lighting system. Here at Patriot Tube, we are highly focused on providing you with the best LED fixtures for either your residential or commercial installations. LED Light Fixtures work well for both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. Fixtures can be attached directly to a power source, or they can be connected through a transformer.

LED Lighting Fixtures have many advantages which include been comparatively smaller that fluorescent lamps and been highly durable. The bulbs are also environmentally friendly since they do not have any mercury thus safe for all humans. The average light produced by a LED fixture is a lot more than that of a regular bulb, so a higher efficiency is obtained. Also, LED light fixtures do not produce much heat as a normal bulb would and hence can be used in almost all kinds of locations.

Patriot Tubes is your one-stop-shop for all your residential and commercial LED fixtures and lighting accessories. Some of our high-quality LED fixtures include:

  • Security lighting- our security lighting include wall packs and security lighting powered by a battery. Our wall pack lights can be used for purposes of safety and parking lots. We offer a broad range of wall packs that are well designed to withstand bad weather and vandalism scenarios.
  • Under cabinet lights. Under-cabinet LED lights can be used under the kitchen desks, in office spaces, coves, and shelves.
  • Chandeliers and pendants- we have artistically designed and chandeliers and pendants systems to match your preferences. Our chandeliers and pendants are a proof that energy efficient does not have to mean dull.
  • Flood fixtures- the LED flood fixtures can be used for sporting events, parking lot, and outdoor events such as parties.

We also have LED lighting fixtures accessories such as lenses, baffles and glare shields, mounting accessories, wire guards, retrofit kits, power cords and lexan guards. Visit us today to get the best deal in the best LED fixtures and enjoy saving money through energy conservation.