LED Emergency Driver Gen.2

Our Patriot LED emergency converter that can transfer standard LED fitting into emergency LED fitting. Used with Lithium iron phosphate battery. Suits for LED fitting with external led driver. Accessory: test switch and charge indicator.. Proudly assembled in USA. Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant.

Our LED Emergency Driver are ballast ready for easy installation and are backed with our industry-leading 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 5-year warranty. See Ordering Model table below for our BAA compliant products. Contact us for pricing or more information.

  • For use on a wide range of LED fittings to convert them from standard to emergency fitting.
  • LED fitting would be maintained emergency LED fitting if standard (main powered) driver, emergency lighting kit and battery are all retained in the circuit.
  • LED fitting would be non-maintained emergency LED fitting if only emergency lighting kit and battery are retained in the circuit.
  • Additional Relay that can control standard LED driver.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Connector between emergency kit and battery has the function of polarity reversal protection.
  • Ambient range to 10….50℃.
  • IP20 protection, relies on end-product enclosure for protection against accidental contact live parts.
  • Not intended for use in luminaries for high-risk task area lighting.
  • Use in damp and dry environment.
  • Limited warranty 5 year.
  • Input rated voltage: 100-277V AC 50-60Hz.
  • AC input current 10-80mA.
  • AC Input power rated 4 W max.
  • Power factor: >0.5.
  • Charge time ≥24 hour.
  • Charge mode: trickle re-charging on battery.
  • Output emergency power 8 wattage, 130mA…540mA output current.
  • Output voltage DC15…55V, DC60V max.
  • Battery capacity (LiFePo4): 9.6V 1500mAh IFR18650 3S1P.
  • Battery Charging Current 0-250mA.
  • 1.5 hour rated duration.
  • Charging indicator light.
  • Red on–Battery is charging.
  • Green light on–Battery is fully charged.
  • Indicator flicker–The device is something wrong and is malfunction.
  • Max. casing temperature to 70℃.
  • Lumen Factor: 100lm/Wattage.
  • Reinforced insulation between the supply and the battery circuit.
  • This unit can recharge the battery normally after reconnecting of battery.


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