A SERIES – Explosion Proof

A SERIES – Explosion Proof

This luminaire can be used as spot light, down light and tunnel light which can provide general illumination in hazardous locations.

• High efficacy: up to 140lm/W
• CRI>80
• Rated Life: 100,000 hours
• Surface mounting and pendant installations
• Wide and narrow optics for uniform illumination
• Copper free aluminum
• High vibration resistance
• 5-10 Year OPTION Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Refinery factory
• Oil and gasoline loading docks
• Gas stations
• Painting manufacture workshop
• Pumping stations
• Metal Smelting Plant
• Mining
• Ocean platform
• Aerospace Chemical plant
• Vessels
• Military
• Flourmill
• Distilleries
• Power station
• Other high humility, high temperature, dusty locations…

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