Application of Patriot Led Vapor Tight Fixture

Application of Patriot Led Vapor Tight Fixture

If you operate in a large warehouse, an industrial facility, or office building, high-output LED fixtures are very important.  You cannot sacrifice lighting for eco-friendly solutions, so it’s only natural that LED vapor tight bays have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years.  These LED high bays can brighten any harsh environment, while providing the same level of savings and durability that has been familiar with LED lights at home and small applications. Application


Working in any industrial environment, large office space, or warehouse, the elements are often the number one enemy for any business owner. Moisture, dust, dirt, and debris can ruin light fixtures over time—damaging contact points, housing, and other electronic components. The idea behind Patriot LED’s vapor tight fixtures is to create a housing that cannot be corroded or rust over time by using high-tech polycarbonate. There is also a continuous gasket to eliminate the threat from foreign particles. The structural integrity is also very strong, featuring impact-resistant lenses.


There are numerous applications that LED vapor tight fixtures can be used, here are just a few examples:

Parking Garages

This is where the air-tight polycarbonate shines, as parking garages are constantly bringing in moisture, dirt, debris, and even vandalism/accidental damage to be accounted for.  Patriot LED vapor tight lights are Made in the USA and come with the guarantee that they will stand up through all the abuse.


The beer industry has moved more towards craft made beers, and everyone is trying to get their start in the industry.  Breweries are very damp and gaseous environments, this is a recipe for disaster for typical lighting fixtures.  Having reliable vapor tight LEDs can save businesses hundreds of dollars in a short amount of time.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Typical warehouses are busy and subject to dirt or dust enough, a refrigerated warehouse is very difficult for long-lasting lighting solutions. Patriot LED vapor tight fixture can withstand cold temperatures extremely well, and, in fact, perform the best due to the design of the continuous gasket and how heat dissipates quickly. Any issue with condensation is negated, thanks to the vapor tight high bay technology.


Make sure you purchase your LED fixtures from a reliable and trustworthy company, especially if you’re looking to buy online. offers a wide selection of cutting-edge industrial lighting fixtures, tested and certified products, and a helpful team who can help you find the best lighting solution for your needs.

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