US LED Tubes and Lighting Certifications

US LED Tubes and Lighting Certifications

With so much change in the lighting industry over recent years, manufacturers and consumers have been trying to keep up with the technology and how to obtain the best product possible. With that said, the rules on different technology can be confusing, as test standards can vary, and certifications are many.

Not all certifications mean the same thing: higher standard of quality, and some are more important than others, but we’ve made a brief guide for all the USA lighting certifications you may come across and what they mean.


Short for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, this certification means the lighting company participated in a specific federal stimulus program, which was held to specific eco-friendly and consumer efficiency standards by the government.


This is a certification given by an independent evaluation group, which tests energy efficiency of lighting in consumer products.


Another independent product testing group, this one based in Canada, which tests product safety for lights.  It has been a respected standard for over a century.  The ‘UL’ stamp is seen on nearly all lighting products in North America, not just Canada.

DLC Listed

This list of LED products are tested under controlled laboratory conditions to ensure accurate measurements of all manufacturer claims in regards to performance and energy-saving labels.

Energy Star

Lights that are certified as Energy Star rated are those that far exceed industry standards.  They deliver the same, or greater, lighting while doing with only a fraction of the electricity power.  Subsequently, Energy Star products are more environmentally-friendly, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.


Another independent testing certification based on quality and safety of the product.  This is commonly seen alongside other certifications, as their testing standards relate to each other.


Lights sold in America must abide by FCC standards that prohibit products from interfering with radio frequencies or using telecommunication in unauthorized ways.  Cheap electrical components have been known to create noise or interference with speakers, microphones, and other electronics.


A trusted name when it comes to energy efficiency and standards of lighting performance.  NEMA not only certifies lights, they also help push for regulation and consumer standards.


A common name in the industrial food industry, restaurants, and throughout the service sector, NSF certifications indicate reliable, safe, and cost-efficient products globally.

By purchasing products Made in the USA from trusted brands like PATRIOT LED  LIGHTING you can ensure that your lights are following the highest standards in the industry.  Affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap or without any expectations in quality.

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