Purchase LED Retrofits, but only the “Good“ Ones…

Purchase LED Retrofits, but only the “Good“ Ones…

The surge of LED lighting solutions across the world is tough to ignore—people are updating their house lights, headlights, flashlights, and various other retrofit kits with haste. This is because white LED lights are the highest grade brightness and sustainability among all other lightbulbs. This is especially true on a global-scale, where countries are trying to curb greenhouse emissions and reduce consumption rates of electricity. LEDs are here to stay and will likely be the most common lighting solution for the future as costs continue to fall and savings continue to rise.

Transforming the World

It is the job of LED suppliers, like PatriotLEDTubes.com, to inform and convince customers that they need LED lights installed throughout their homes to improve their quality of life. They also need to understand that old lightbulb technology is inherently dangerous and must be disposed of. LED lights are attractive because of their long life and increased effectiveness, but that is only true if you purchase your LEDs from trustworthy, American companies. While parts may originate from Asia, it is only through tough quality control standards and in-country assembly that you will be able to find reliable LED lights, bearing the “Made in USA” stamp.

Importance of Quality

LED light technology has progressed where even the cheaper brands can be seen as an upgrade from old fluorescents and incandescent lightbulbs, they still lack the brightness and efficiency that bulbs found on Patriot Led have. Take, for instance, a standard office light, which used to be in the form of a bright florescent tube. There is a specific grade of brightness for these lights, which is measured as 5-10fc. All you need to do is compare an LED light with the same grade of brightness, how long each bulb is measured to last, then you’ll quickly see the cost-effectiveness of LED Patriot Retrofit Kit solutions.

Get it Right the First Time

With the cheapest LED brands, you’ll never get the hours of usage as claimed on the package, and you’ll end up purchasing roughly double of any respectable brand. For small businesses, this is unacceptable, so you need to choose an LED supplier that you can trust. Patriot Led is a business that has done business with large corporations, government contractors, and small businesses for years. The Patriot Retrofit Kits only take a few minutes to install and offer the highest lumens available in the LED industry. Choose quality, choose LED lights that are made in the USA.

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